When you are the owner and operator of a business, it is your job to give the final stamp of approval to every major decision for your business. Among the most important decisions that you have to give your input on for your business is in your hiring decisions. Your employees are the very backbone of your business and choosing the right candidates that are going to bring quality work and a great attitude to your business. Here are a few things that can help you to vet your job candidates before hiring to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Look at Their social media

The first way that you can vet your job candidates before hiring them is to look at their social media accounts. In a job interview and in materials submitted as part of a job application applicants will try to put forth the best possible image for the job. But on their personal social media accounts you can see their real personality and the type of person they are. This can help you avoid hiring job candidates that are unmotivated, or behave inappropriately outside of work, which can come to reflect poorly on your business.

Run a Background Check

Another crucial step to vet your job candidates before hiring them is to run a background check on them. A background check is especially a good idea if you are hiring for a sensitive role that will have access to confidential information for your business. A background check can help you ensure that your job candidates have no criminal record and are in good public standing. Character references can present a fuller picture of the job candidate. Make sure to check in on their references as well as part of their background check.

Enhance Your Interview Skills

The final way that you can vet your job candidates before hiring them is to enhance your job interviewing skills to glean information that way. If you can, you should always do a one on one interview with your job candidates. Do your research online to make sure that you are asking the right questions and know what to look for in your job candidates for the best results from your hiring decisions.

Hiring new employees at your business is a big decision that can be a boost to your business or a detriment. How good you are at vetting job candidates will have a major impact on the outcomes of your hiring decisions. Use these three techniques to vet your job candidates to make the best choices.

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