Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Because it is such a special day, having people there to celebrate with you is important. When inviting people to your wedding you need to know how to create the guest list, timing of invitations, and what to include on the invitations.

The Guest List

Knowing how many people are attending makes planning easier for every aspect of your wedding, including knowing how many invitations to order. You can begin working on your guest list before finalizing your venue. You can then look for a venue that will accommodate your guests. Crafting this list with your budget in mind is also important so you know how many people you can afford. When you are crafting your list, start with people that are non-negotiable including family and close friends. Then you can include others who you would like to have there but can leave off the final list if you choose a more intimate wedding.


Timing of sending out invitations is important. This allows your guests to clear their schedule, and ensures you have your most important guests there. You should send your invitations out six to eight weeks in advance and make RSVPs due two to three weeks in advance. This allows you to finalize catering and seating charts.


Your wedding invitations are an important piece to inviting people to your wedding. Your wedding invitations should be sent by mail and need to include the essential information for your day. You should start by listing the names of the hosts, which is whoever is paying for the event. You should also include your name and your future spouse’s name. Next you should include the date and time of your ceremony and where the ceremony and reception are taking place. You can also include information on dress code. Include additional information on inserts such as RSVP deadlines and the address for your wedding website. Include the extra information on separate cards in the same envelope rather than on the back of your invitation.

The guests at your wedding are important because they will be the people who share in your special day. While having invitations is important, don’t stress too much over what they look like as long as they have the essential information. Make the invitations your own and reflective of your wedding.

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