So many business leaders are finding it difficult to get good employees to stick around for the long term. In fact, according to a recent article in Forbes, Employee turnover is the highest it’s been since the financial crash. It can be disturbing to watch good talent walk out the door and never return. This is a common problem in the modern business world. The following are five office hacks you can use to convince more of your employees to stay working with your company.


Provide Gourmet Coffee

The single most important complaint that the modern employee has against the companies they work for is that there is no decent coffee to drink around the office. Employees will leave a company for this reason and search for an employer who does offer higher-end gourmet coffee in the workplace. If you want to attract and keep the good talent around your office, then make sure your employees get excellent coffee to drink.


Give Them Snacks

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When there are snacks around the office, this is another major plus to the modern employee. Like with coffee, such perks create an environment where the employee believes their manager or the executive they answer too appreciates them enough to say it with gestures like these. The trick is to offer snacks throughout the work day, so employees aren’t spending lots of time away from their desks chasing down tacos. This will not only keep employees around, but it will improve their productivity too. It helps to understand that modern employees hear about other companies providing perks like these for their employees, and so they have formed this idea that all companies should treat their employees with perks like these.


Acknowledge Accomplishments

You would think that employees would be overjoyed to have a job, and the opportunity to earn an income would be what gives them all the reason they need to stick around to work for your company. The problem is that the modern employee demands some level of respect and appreciation for the hard work they give to your company. A lot of these employees admit, after the fact, they left their job because their hard work and loyalty to the company was never acknowledged by their superiors. The modern employee interprets this failure to mean that their superiors simply have no respect or appreciation for what they contribute to the company. These employees have no interest in staying where they do not feel like they are being appreciated.


The Leave Bank

An innovative idea that can seriously improve employee retention is the idea known as the leave bank. The left bank is a method where an employee can exchange the old idea of a vacation for accumulating up to 60-days of leave time over the course of their time worked. This is very popular, especially among women employees, because it gives them ample time off for their own personal and family needs. They find it difficult to leave a job that is this generous and flexible with how they treat time off as concerns their employees.


Pay Them

While there are many reasons why employees will not stay with a company, inadequate wages still creates a problem for the modern employee. While money may not be the most important motivator why the modern employee will leave a job, it is still a significant motivator for such actions. Employees still work to make ends meet and to maintain a certain lifestyle they feel accustomed to having. If they cannot achieve these goals at their current place of employment, you can be certain they will look elsewhere for higher wages.



Attracting and keeping the modern employee is an enigma that has many owners and leaders baffled. The modern employee does not see their paycheck as the primary reason for sticking with a job anymore. Rather, the modern employee is more cause-oriented, and executives need to be more in touch with this aspect of the modern employee if they want to retain good talent in their organization.

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