Knowledge, skill, and ability are always helpful for building things like a career. Though successful people are capable, they never fail to use tools that boost their influence and confidence. Consider the following items for aiding your own path toward success.

1. A Reliable Alarm Clock

Being successful is hard work. Though physical fatigue happens, it’s not an excuse for being late. Clocks establish healthy sleep patterns, and they help people fight problems with procrastination. Have a love affair with the snooze button? It might be time to get creative with how you wake up.

2. Smart Body-Monitoring Device

What good is it to become successful, yet have failing health? When a person feels good physically, they can function better mentally, emotionally, and professionally. Having a wearable health monitor like the FitBit helps a person take control of everything from anxious heart rate levels, to ensuring proper amounts of daily exercise and motion.

3. Multi-Functional Daily Planner

As success grows, so does responsibility. There is no reason a person should become overwhelmed with duties. A good day planner like the Nomatic Planner removes the worry associated with forgetting important meetings, lunch dates, and event participation that leads to great professional exposure.

4. Accountability Networks

No successful person has ever achieved their desires alone. Inventors, businesspeople, public figures, and happy people in general always have interpersonal lifelines. Another person who is aware of your goals can assist you with problems about work, or life itself. These people are also great for providing unsolicited advice regarding subjects where you might be lacking. Running low in the network department? Try Patook, a strictly platonic app for making new friends.

5. Spiritual Involvement

Every person who has experienced success knows what it is like to feel complete. Even if your notion of a spiritual life is a daily nature walk, make time to remove yourself from the daily grind. Start by getting in touch with your authentic self. Organized spiritual activities are also a great place to meet and influence others.

6. Books

Lofty goals do not happen when a person becomes overly content with their own abilities. Always look for ways to learn new skills, or think about relevant subjects in a new way. This is especially important if you interact with a diverse range of people. Always having a book at the ready — and actually reading it — is a sure sign that you are becoming a student of life.

7. Volunteering

Success is not just about acquisition. The fluidity of success rests on a person’s willingness to be a true member of society. Volunteering for favorite causes is an easy way learn from others, while experiencing true vitality. Not sure where to start? Try to find opportunities near you.

8. A “Fears to Conquer” List

The more personal setbacks you remove, the greater the chance of seeing open doors. In fact, there’s actually a movement for this: 100 Days Without Fear. Keep a list of things that you personally want to conquer. This can be overcoming the fear speaking in public, or something like finally approaching your love interest in conversation. Marking things off of the list can take awhile, but each item conquered means new opportunity.

9. Financial Advisors/CBT Counselors

As part of a personal network, use the talents of others to achieve your own goals. Don’t tackle your finances alone, and don’t try to work on emotional issues in your head. Find and regularly meet with professionals who you trust and give sound advice.

10. Personal Daily Journal

Though successful people are confident and outgoing, they are still human. They sometimes forget about the necessary paths leading to their achievement. Keeping a log of thoughts, ideas, insights, social situations, and work experiences is a priceless tool for staying on target with life. Pick a journal with a design that appeals to you, grab a pen, and start writing.


There are as many definitions of success, as there are people trying to achieve it. You must develop your own list of goals, and model yourself after those who have made it to the top. Know that there is an endless array of tools that can help along the way.

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