Diversity of thinking is essential to effective leadership.Not to be confused with group think where consensus is the objective, as consensus can often be the recipe for the absence of leadership.


Diversity of thinking is important in order to critically analyze and solve difficult problems for our customers.  Cross-functional experience is valuable in today’s market place when used in focused groups conducting brain storming sessions and engaging in discussion where innovation is the desired outcome. In order to remain competitive and maintain a leading edge, diversity of thinking must be nurtured in any organization.


       It is essential, however, for the following to co-exist in harmony:


Leadership – A shared responsibility of the entire leadership and management team


Culture – Top driven and inculcated as part of the organization’s DNA


Equal Opportunity – Based on a combination of Potential, Skill, Knowledge, Behavior and Performance, to include disabled team members


Diversity of Thinking – As opposed to group think, focused on Team Goals, Problem Solving and Sustainable Solutions


Demographics / Growth Change – Embrace reality and plan for the future, we will be a minority lead Nation and Market Place by the next 25 years.  Plan, Train, and develop leaders of the future


 b2ap3_thumbnail_me.jpgJorge Gutierrez is an accomplished and experienced Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Sales Trainer and Consultant. His team of Certified Leadership and Life Coaches partner with individuals to drive growth. Certified to conduct individual and organizational assessments to identify and provide gap analyses and solutions for non-profits and for profit organizations. Jorge’s passion and purpose is to serve others and develop human capital through leadership development and quality of life improvement

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