As your company expands, you may find yourself overwhelmed with your amount of work. The truth is that you are gradually upgrading into an entirely different world of business. While in the past you have learned to depend heavily on yourself, the time may have come for you to reach out and depend on others.

Delegate to Teams

The first step is to learn delegation. Ask yourself which tasks can afford to be entrusted to other employees. Also figure out which tasks, once removed from your sphere of responsibility, would free up your schedule and mental health the most. If you do not have the employees with the necessary experience or credentials, consider hiring some qualified individual(s) as soon as possible. Creating teams of employees to work together on large or intimidating projects also could be a good idea. There might be a period of growing pains, when inexperienced people will have to take on new responsibilities and learn on the job – but don’t be afraid to take that step if necessary.

Hire a HR Person

An employee who is devoted entirely to HR responsibilities will take off a lot of stressful duties from your desk. An HR person basically becomes the interface between company administration and its personnel – and that means they’ll take care of everything from hiring and firing, to the payments of salaries, to personal incidents between employees. Another good thing about an HR person is that they are familiar with the legal ins and outs of the touchy situations under their belt. Mistakes in this area can be costly – for example, payroll mistakes can lead to fines or penalties. So it’s best to have a specialist to take care of such problems anyway.

Fight Perfectionism

By going through the process of growth, delegation, and hiring, many business owners can feel frustrated, even as they try to reach a point where they don’t feel overwhelmed by work. An overdependence on themselves, for too long, often creates a need for control – over the results of work, over the vision of your company. The first step to feeling some relief from your workload is to let go of that need, at least a little bit. Accept that your vision can still largely be achieved with the input of many qualified other people.

Burnout in the business sector is very real and very damaging. Many eager entrepreneurs turn away from their families and relationships in pursuit of success. Don’t make that mistake! Take the time and hire the necessary people to create the healthy priorities you need to thrive.

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