With the COVID-19 pandemic of the past few years, and the increased digitization of business, there are more remote workers now than ever. However, because the idea of working remotely is still relatively new for many people, it can be difficult for them to develop good working relationships with in-office workers. Here are a few ways you can improve those relationships!

Host Meetings

One of the most important steps for getting your employees to work well together is by integrating them in tasks. Host meetings that include both remote and in-person workers. If there are new employees, do some introductions so everyone is up-to-date on who’s in attendance. When you’re in the meetings, you should be sure to include everyone in attendance, balancing both those who are remote and in person. Meetings will be one of the main places remote workers interact with their coworkers. Because of this, it’s important to prioritize positive working relationships during these meetings.

Use the Same Apps

One great way to implement positive working relationships between remote and in-person employees is to have one set system every employee uses. For example, using a communication app like slack allows every employee to communicate from wherever they are. Other apps can be used to track progress on certain projects or general employee productivity. Remote employees should have access to productivity apps to do their jobs well. For the remote workers, because they don’t get as much interaction with you, productivity apps help them stay on track with their work. Keeping these apps universal in your company allows for every employee to connect in one place, and can help form good relationships.

Create Integrated Group Projects

If you want your remote and in-person employees to work well together, make sure they actually have chances to work together. You can create projects and put together a team that includes both types of employees. Doing this gives your employees the chance to step outside of their comfort zone and work with different people. With all the software and videoconferencing options, there shouldn’t be any hiccups in completing an integrated project like this.

If your company has both remote and in-person employees, it can be difficult to get them to work well together. Their paths don’t often cross, so they’re not as comfortable working together. However, making sure all of your employees work well together is essential to having your business run smoothly. Try some of these suggestions to make your employees’ working relationships better.

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