Thanks to Steve Reichert for sharing this inspirational video – a must view and study for leaders at all levels.

Leadership continues to be the hottest topic in business today.  Many of us use our leadership experience and business acumen to advance and grow our endeavors.  We do everything we can to grow our business and our own agendas by following a myriad of marketing techniques and other strategies to generate a loyal client base; and of course, there is nothing wrong with that as long as our business practices are ethical, moral and legal.

As leadership goes, there are several styles that are often discussed, and like most things, these can be learned as long as one has the discipline and mauturatiy to grow, change and adapt.  Few however, have the ability to coommunicate in such a way as to insprire into greatness; to help us truly belief in ourselves and the future with such fervor that nothing appears unachievable, provided we can chart a way to our success.

And few, have the commitment to see something through to the end irrespective of the personal cost like PVT Treptov.  Here is the pledge found on him in the field of honor right before he reached his goal and was killed by machine gun fire:

“I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if the whole issue of the struggle depends on me alone”

Defining goals and action plans are a necessary part of planning and a leader responsibility in business as in life.  Many believe that leadership is a science; others believe that leadership is an art.  While I don’t completely disagree, I am of the opinion that leadership encompasses a little bit of both and is culminated in full by a simple definition.  Leadership equals responsibility.

Study the video and feel free to share your thoughts.


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