Q. What are the two biggest priorities for Small Business Owners when growing their business?

A. Recent research demonstrates networking and a plan as the first two priorities.

  • 38% cited some form of networking as the source of their sales
  • BNI accounted for 20% 
  • Associations Networking pulled in 18%
  • Chamber connections landed 17%
  • The balance were gained through some other form of personal contact

Not all plans are the same; an actionable business plan must be compelling.  This eliminates the risk of it sitting collecting dust in a shelf.  Here are 9 steps to consider:

  1. Develop your Vision
  2. Core Values
  3. External assessment
  4. internal Analysis
  5. Your Mission
  6. Objectives
  7. Goals
  8. Action Steps
  9. Follow Up

Your networking ties are likely to be people that you discuss topics on a deeper and more focused level.  Your strong ties, or connections, are also people with whom you have developed a deeper level of trust. Trust is absolutely key in the generation of business referrals.












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