Starting up a small business can be an exciting and intimidating prospect that requires a lot of work. After you’ve put so much time, money, and effort into starting your dream business, you’ll want to ensure that your business is properly protected by insurance. Here are a few examples of insurance policies that every business should have. 

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will protect you from negligence lawsuits that could arise from customers or even employees. If an individual is injured or harmed at your business, they could try to sue you as a result. Liability insurance will help to protect your business from these expensive lawsuits. 

This can also apply to lawsuits that your company might face when an individual has issues or suffers an injury as a result of using your products or services. Make sure that you get a personalized liability insurance policy to cover your specific business from risks that could occur.

Key Person Insurance

Another type of insurance that you might want to invest in is key person insurance. Key person insurance protects your business in case an important partner dies. This could be particularly important for you if you have a business partner that is very important to the success of your business. Maybe that partner provides financial stability to your business, or they own a good amount of your business stock.

Even the mental and emotional experience your key partner provides is valuable to your business. Your key person insurance will support your business after your partner’s death while you’re trying to train employees and find a new individual who can fill the role of your partner. 

Property Insurance

You should also consider having property insurance for your business. Property insurance will help protect different parts of your property including equipment, furniture, signs, inventory, and more if your property was to become subject to a disaster. A fire, natural disaster, or even robbery could do a lot of damage to your business property, but this insurance would help cover the cost of recovering your lost possessions. Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront, property insurance could still be very important for you. If you rent or own office space for employees or a warehouse for your business, those spaces need to be protected as well. 


So, if you’re trying to set up a successful small business, remember that you need to get insurance to protect your business. Keep in mind that you should have liability insurance, key person insurance, and property insurance, in addition to any other additional necessary policies. This will help to protect your business in the case of significant damage or financial loss, providing you with a more secure future.

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