Your company will only have a select amount of time and manpower outside of business hours. You need to carefully select the best ways to push your business forward. 

One of the best things you could do is attend a college career workshop.

Identify Future Talent for Your Business

Recruiting can be done in abundance at a career workshop. Most students attend for that very reason. These workshops allow them to check out potential career options. Here they will make those initial connections that can lead them on to interviews, internships, jobs, and onward. You can be part of that. 

The candidates you receive will be college-educated and motivated. They will be superb potential candidates for new hires. If you develop a strong connection with some of the more promising minds at the university, you might be able to keep their talent on your team for quite some time.

Pass on Important Job Skills

When you were starting your business journey, you had mentors, bosses, managers, and others who helped you get started. Now it is your turn. This is a significant, meaningful way to give back to your community. You can help younger people break into the field and, in turn, transform it into something better. 

But for now, most of them will just need help with basic skills. Students need to know how to write a resume for a variety of purposes. They will also need to know how to have a good interview. That’s not to mention how to budget and how to write and execute a business plan.


Developing connections is so crucial when it comes to running a successful company. It’s even more important when it comes to your individual career. Attending local events, conventions, and college workshops are some of the best ways to create these connections. Connections with the students are the most obvious result – but you can’t forget about the other business owners and employees that you meet. Creating new acquaintanceships and friendships will set you up for future partnerships, deals, and hires. You never know when a good network will come in handy.

There are many important aspects to running a successful business – but one of the most fundamental is interpersonal social skills. Talk to people. Help them to see the human side of your business. If you work hard to make it a meaningful experience, your visits to your local college career workshops will bring about fantastic results.

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