There are a lot of balls to juggle as a business owner or manager, but an important one your company really needs to thrive is employee engagement. Employee productivity and engagement can be a huge difference maker for your overall output and performance. But keeping employees engaged in their work is a task that can be difficult sometimes, as there are all sorts of reasons employees may be distracted or unable to give their best. Here are a few tips that can help you get employees to put in their all.

Reward Them for Hard Work

The first thing you have to do to get employees to put in their all is to reward them for their hard work. If there is no incentive for your employees to work hard, achieve goals and targets, and put in their best effort, then they just won’t. You have to make it worthwhile for them. That should mean bonuses, which don’t have to just come in the form of the traditional cash bonus. Perhaps you can offer incentives for better retirement plan matching or offer company stock as incentive. Perhaps even additional paid vacation time, think outside the box.

Make Their Purpose Clear

Another crucial aspect of getting employees to put in their all at your company is to make their purpose clear. Today, more than ever, employees want to be working for a company that is doing something in the world. Employees are far more motivated when you connect recognition with the company’s purpose. By letting employees clearly see their role in achieving the company mission, you’ll motivate them to work towards the little goals with big goals in mind. You’d be amazed how productivity and efficiency soar when people understand their purpose.

Give Them Autonomy

The final thing that you can and should do to get employees to put in their all is to give them as much autonomy as possible. Autonomy is far more than flexibility, but rather trusting employees to accomplish the tasks and goals set for them and allowing them to find the best, most efficient, and effective method of achieving. Nobody likes being told what to do, when employees get to take ownership over their work, their engagement soars and everyone is happier.

Getting employees to stay motivated and engaged in their work can be a struggle for any company. But with the right incentives and policies in place, you can keep employee engagement high. Make sure that you are doing these three things to get employees to put in their all at your company.

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