Your business will be far more effective if you have a warm, friendly, inclusive culture. This can be an uphill battle when you are introducing new employees into a well-established team. Here are some tips for helping that integration work.

Make Sure They’re a Good Fit

Prevention is always better than intervention, so a smooth integration should start with the hiring process. As you work through your list of candidates, keep an eye out for individuals who will be a good fit within your company culture. To do this, you will have to look at the person-organization fit of the people you interview, not just the person-job fit. This means that you shouldn’t only hire someone based on their personal qualifications that match the job description, but also based on how well the individual aligns to your organization’s mission and values. By inviting team members to participate in the hiring process, asking the right questions, inviting top candidates to interact with the team, and improving your pre-selection process, you should be able to select someone who will fit well with the company.

Get Current Employees on Board

Communication with current employees is a key step to proper integration of new employees. Preparing current employees helps smooth the transition and avoid conflict. Help them understand the need for a new hire, allow them to participate in the hiring process, and ask for input on which candidates they felt were the best fit. Finally, train them on how to give a warm welcome and offer any needed assistance to onboarding employees.

Create the Right Culture

Creating the right culture at work will help ensure a smooth integration for new employees. Create a culture of growth, inclusion, and cooperation. By fostering a growth mindset within your company’s culture, you will encourage patience in your current employees and allow new employees the space they need to learn without too much pressure. If your workplace is one of inclusion, new people will instantly feel needed, wanted, and embraced. And when your employees are trained to work together harmoniously, it will be easier for them to cooperate with someone new. This kind of work culture allows for better retention, engagement, and productivity among your employees.  

Your new employee deserves to feel like a valued member of the team. When you find the right fit, engage your current employees in the process, and create an inclusive culture at work, your new hire should feel like an integral part of the group in no time.

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