We live in a world that is busier, more expensive and more demanding of our time than ever before. This impacts a variety of areas of our lives. Consumers are more skeptical and more informed than they were in the past, and research has become the order of the day for many shoppers. That means that sales teams also have to be sharper, quicker and more prepared to meet the needs of today’s client. To that end, here are three tips which can help you lead your sales team to better performance.

Set Goals

If you want your sales team to perform better, they have to know what that means and how you expect them to perform. Set stretch goals that require serious work but are still obtainable. Give them progress markers and the support that they need to meet those goals. Remember, it’s not enough to say, “Do better” or “Make more money.” Goals should be as specific as possible: Increase revenue by X percent. Enhance revenue from already existing clients by Y. Make sure you tell your sales team exactly what you expect from them if you want the goals you set to be meaningful.

Help Them Understand the Customer Base

Part of your job as the leader of a sales team needs to be to assist your team in understanding your customers. By understanding the behaviors and thought processes of customers, a sales team becomes better able to communicate effectively. To that end, who is your target demographic? Where can your team reach them, and what are the best ways to develop prospects and create a sales funnel? What research material do you need to provide? Again, your job as a sales leader is to support your team. Helping them understand your customers will do just that.

Provide Training

Sales training is critical to the success of any team, regardless of how experienced the members may be. Just because someone has decades of experience doesn’t mean that they can’t stand to learn new techniques and facts about the products you sell. Take advantage of the resources available to you and your team. Are there local experts you can rely on or a national resource from your management which you can tap into?

No matter what type of sales you do, properly preparing and training your team is a requirement. The above tips are great starting points to help keep your sales team engaged, motivated and prepared. Following these three items will put you well on your way towards a better performing sales team.

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