When engaging in transactional communications, where a desired outcome is required, then the importance of comprehension is paramount, particularly when everyone involved in the process stand to mutually gain value, or benefit from the desired outcome.  Focusing on the listeners needs using the following technique will enhance the communications process and assist to increasing the effectiveness of the process.


  1. Feelcmm
  2. Understand
  3. Do
  4. Remember


Emotionalizing the process can be dangerous if done improperly, however, invoking feelings can be a powerful technique to ensure your message is received and understood.  This has to be a genuine attempt to connect emotionally and not a ruse to close a deal.  It has to have added value to the desired outcome and to the individual.  A picture has to be created in order to have a remembrance causal effect; but not just a picture; it must be a compelling picture that will cause the listener not only to remember, but to act on the desired effect.


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