No-one is more professional than I. 


This is the first sentence of the Non Commissioned Officer Creed.  This creed has been revised over time, yet it’s theme is clear, Leadership, Responsibility and Professionalism.

I’ve had cause to reflect on this creed as I engage in my day to day practice and service to my community.  A dear friend of mine and one whom I depend for counsel recently reminded me of the importance of understanding local politics and the necessity of being, as she describes it, able of playing nice with others.

So then, I ask you, should adhering to politics compromise your values? Should adhering to politics drive your business decision process? 

When it comes to business, it’s important to qualify all of the opportunities that are presented to you, particularly if aligned with your strategic thinking and business plan.  It’s equally important to be intellectually honest in the process and not mince your words when making your business case to your potential clients, especially as you evaluate the long term relationship that will develop as a result. 

The bare bone truth has a way of defining who you are even if is often uncomfortable for others to internalize; it’s a matter of how you deliver it.

Here are is a sphere I use when engaging others in business:


b2ap3_thumbnail_sphere.pngLead vs. Manage

Leading is about people and management is about resources.  Responsible leaders don’t hedge their bets, they tell the truth, often times brutally

Family and Faith

These go together, not just in business, but in life.  Political correctness is the enemy of both

Community and People

Without these, business doesn’t exist

Listen vs. Engage

We mostly listen to reply and seldom seek to fully understand.  To engage in an impactful process we must engage in listening


No one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers. As a Noncommissioned Officer, I realize that I am a member of a time honored corps, which is known as “The Backbone of the Army”. I am proud of the Corps of Noncommissioned Officers and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon the Corps, the Military Service and my country regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit, or personal safety.

Competence is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind — accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my soldiers. I will strive to remain tactically and technically proficient. I am aware of my role as a Noncommissioned Officer. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role. All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership. I know my soldiers and I will always place their needs above my own. I will communicate consistently with my soldiers and never leave them uninformed. I will be fair and impartial when recommending both rewards and punishment.

Officers of my unit will have maximum time to accomplish their duties; they will not have to accomplish mine. I will earn their respect and confidence as well as that of my soldiers. I will be loyal to those with whom I serve; seniors, peers, and subordinates alike. I will exercise initiative by taking appropriate action in the absence of orders. I will not compromise my integrity, nor my moral courage. I will not forget, nor will I allow my comrades to forget that we are professionals, Noncommissioned Officers, leaders!

Playing nice with others is important; equally important is being truthful in your business dealings, at any cost.


Jorge Gutierrez is an accomplished and experienced Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Sales Trainer and Consultant. His team of Certified Leadership and Life Coaches partner with individuals and organizations to drive growth. Certified to conduct individual and organizational assessments to identify and provide gap analyses and solutions for non-profits and for profit organizations. Jorge’s passion and purpose is to serve others and develop human capital through leadership development and quality of life improvement

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