b2ap3_thumbnail_Cold-Calling.jpgHave you heard? Cold calling is dead.  So then, if this is true, why are there are so many emerging companies offering to do just that for you; and charging a pretty fee to do just that, lead generation through the process of cold calling.

Frankly, I’m not the best at it nor do I find delight in doing it.  The fact is, however, that some professionals do, and are very good at it.  Why is this?  Well, think about it; this is something they like to do, for whatever reason, the bottom line is they feel a calling and have the talent to perfect this particular and essential business activity.

Let’s look at cold calling using the telephone; now, this is something I know something about, and have successful experiences when I’ve done it right, purposely and with enthusiasm.  Just a few of the many advantages to using the phone effectively are:

1.      It saves time

2.      It improves your productivity

3.      It increases profits

Learning to use the telephone effectively and efficiently is the first step in building a successful business in the shortest possible time frame. Effective telephone techniques can help you to maximize your profit-oriented activities. In addition, working with the telephone can be easy, yet challenging; productive, and even fun.

The first thing to remember is that working via the phone can be either highly enjoyable or a painful chore depending upon your attitude toward it. It may be your first contact with most of your prospects and your attitude will jump through the telephone lines much faster than your words. If you look at telephone work as drudgery and a chore, you will convey this to your prospect and he or she will respond in a similar manner.

 If on the other hand, you look at telephoning as a way to meet new people, have fun, and share valuable ideas, your prospect will sense this and WANT to see you. Remember—your prospect has several questions on his or her mind:

             … Do they sound like someone I could benefit from knowing?

            … Does this person sound like someone I’ll enjoy and be glad I granted the appointment?

 Most of the answers will be projected by your attitude, your tone of voice, and the amount of enthusiasm you project. Always put yourself in a positive frame of mind before picking up the telephone. This can be done in a number of ways:

 1.      Smile to yourself

2.      Ask yourself: “How can I help this person?”

3.      Quickly focus yourself while the phone is ringing or while you’re on hold

4.      If there is some way that you can sincerely compliment the prospect, do so

5.      Be friendly, polite, and professional

6.      Picture yourself talking into a web cam. If your prospect could see you, your dress, your expressions, would you leave a positive impression?

In most cases, an effective telephone script is fairly short and general. The purpose of your telephone call is to get an appointment by stimulating interest through questions. The individual you are contacting is probably very busy and will appreciate and respect your focus on brevity. When you are conscious of time and priorities, and have a sense of purpose and urgency, this will be communicated.

A telephone script has several advantages. It will help you to stay focused. When you know what you are going to say, and you don’t have to worry about remembering, you can focus on what your prospect hears and respond appropriately.

Relationship-building begins the moment of your first contact, and it is important that you create a positive first impression.


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