Regardless of what type of business you run, communication is one of the keys to success. Unclear communication can leave you with unfinished products, incorrectly fulfilled requests, and more. If you prioritize proper communication in the workplace, you can expect these results.

Reduce Wasted Time

Unclear communication is one of the biggest time wasters in the workplace. In your style of communicating, you may have given one of your employees clear instructions on how to conduct their time. However, if they don’t communicate the way you do, signals can easily become crossed, and you’ll end up with a project that is done incorrectly. To avoid constantly redoing projects and wasting time and productivity, be sure to communicate clearly. It’s always best to do so in person so that your employee can ask questions and clarify exactly what you want. However, if you cannot do this, be sure to use simple language that is easy to understand, and get specific about what you expect from your employees.

Prevent Morale Issues

Another difficulty that can come out of unclear communication in the workplace includes decreases in morale. So much of your employees’ morale is dictated by how they are treated in the workplace. If there is miscommunication between you, they may lose morale and feel disrespected because of how they interpreted your words. Some communication patterns can create anxiety among your employees. For example, perhaps your style of communicating is very blunt, and you openly express your concerns and issues without sugar coating them. Certain employees may not handle this style of communication well. Where you’re meaning to gently critique, they may see it as harsh and unforgiving. Rethinking your communication styles ensures that all of your employees feel respected.

Develop Strong Relationships

It’s a common saying that relationships are built on communication. Having proper communication with your employees allows you to build stronger relationships with them, and can lower your turnover rates as well. If your employees have a real relationship with you, they’ll respect you and want to help your company succeed. Properly communicating with them makes them feel valued as an employee, and they’ll be more likely to come to you if they have any problems. Instead of leaving the company, they’ll work with you to improve their experience and stay on as an employee for longer.

Communication is one of the most important workplace practices. If you have proper communication with your employees, your productivity will improve, employee turnover will go down, and your company will run more smoothly. Implement healthy communication tactics in your workplace for these results.

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