Some people say that a smile is contagious, and others say that attitude is important – both are correct yet not accurate.

When dealing with employee performance, turn over and work place satisfaction, it’s essential to be properly engaged.  So then, how do we examine employee engagement and who should be involved in the process?  What do we continue to learn during exit interviews, if anything?

So think of this – smiles have to be authentic, not faked, and attitude has to be the right attitude, not just a good attitude, in other words; it must be aligned with organizational goals, strategies and mission.

We know there are three types of employees:


  1. Engaged
  2. Not-Engaged
  3. Actively Engaged

Who then, has the leadership responsibility to ensure the team is properly engaged?  Is it the front line leader or the top executives?

The responsibility here is shared; it is however, bound for failure if senior executives are not “engaged” participants in the process.  What we know is that employees quit their jobs, mostly because they don’t trust, like or even respect their leaders, so here is the rub.

How can senior executives expect better engagement results from their employees unless they are actively engaged in developing their middle management leader teams?


This info-graphic does a really good job of forcing us to look through and at many of the elements that deal with these questions.

Attitudes in the Work Place


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