There are many different kinds of entrepreneurs, and there are many ways that you can divide entrepreneurs. Among the most important different categories of entrepreneurs are the business-minded and sales-minded entrepreneurs, and the numbers minded entrepreneurs. For the business-minded entrepreneurs, balancing the books and taking care of your finances can be a struggle. You may benefit from hiring an accountant to make sure that your finances are in check to save you time and stress. Here are a couple of helpful tips for hiring a qualified accountant for your business.

Ensure They Have Experience

The first tip that you should follow when you are hiring a qualified accountant for your business is to make sure that they have experience working as an accountant for a similar business before hiring. Accounting is not easy, and if you are hiring someone to take care of your accounting for you, you should make sure they are an expert. Someone with at least five years’ experience handling accounting for a similar business is ideal, but at least make sure they have some previous experience as an accountant before hiring them for your business.

Check Their History

The next thing that you should know before hiring a qualified accountant for your business is that you should check their history before hiring them. This includes both their work history and their personal history. A background check can give you peace of mind in knowing the candidate has no criminal history. You should also check in with their professional references to make sure that they are a good fit and have been a good employee in the past. There is nothing worse than hiring an accountant who is going to take advantage of you and your business for their own good.

Only Hire a CPA

The final tip that you should know before you hire a qualified accountant for your business is that you should only hire someone who is a CPA. While you can hold a job in accounting with just a degree in accounting, you only become a licensed accounting professional when you pass your CPA exam. You should only hire an accountant who is a CPA, as they are more reliable and reputable than a non-CPA accountant.


Sometimes your business just needs to take on an accountant to keep the money straight. But before you hire that new candidate, make sure you take a second check. You should make sure any candidate is experienced, has no criminal history, and is a CPA before hiring an accountant.


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