We know the New Year is filled with the traditional resolutions of changing for the best and hoping to accomplish new things that escaped us in the previous year.

Many of us are busy planning new goals hoping this will provide a more focused direction, and while it does, I think the first step lies within setting the conditions to improve our productivity.

We were disusing the subject of getting organized during our group coaching session the other day when some very interesting objections were raised.  The premised of the discussion held that keeping an organized work place would aid in productivity when someone posed a great question:

“If a cluttered desk represents a cluttered mind, then does an empty desk represent an empty mind?”

b2ap3_thumbnail_lb.png  Lucky for me someone offered a great point of view.  Often times a desk may appear clutter, but this is reflected on the amount of daily workload and is not an indicator of anything other than being busy. 

In life as in work is always best to be organized and prepared to face the day.  Here are four easy steps to consider using  to improve your productivity and getting organized


TOUCH – Touch things only once then decide what to do with it

DO – If you decide the item requires an action from you, simply do it immediately before transitioning to the next item

DUMP – If you decide the item holds little or no value to you, others or the organization just dump it

DELEGATE – If you decide the item is worth doing for whatever reason, but another person exists that is capable of doing it without supervision, simply delegate it and allow someone else to flourish

You will encounter items that need to be done by you and can’t be delegated to anyone else, in this case ask the question – can this wait until next week, if so, place it i.n a drawer away from view as not to interfere with your daily focus and check it weekly until complete







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