Your employees act on your behalf and, as such, they are the agents of your company. When people see your employees, they see the public face of your company. Here are some of the ways that the general public will associate your workers with your business.


For better or worse, your employees talk about your company outside of the office. Their livelihood is important to them, and they will not hesitate to tell people how they feel. If your workers are unhappy or feel that they are being mistreated, then it can harm your reputation among the wider community with whom you are trying to do business. You should always keep in mind that your employees are your ambassadors to the wider world. Every bit of goodwill that you earn with them can be multiplied. Also, bear in mind that employees will review your company in various public forums.


When employees represent a company, their behavior is often imputed to the company. For example, if a company’s workers are observed in a public space acting in a derogatory manner, then people will associate the actions with your company. If you have employees meeting in a coworking space, have them follow some workspace rules in order to reduce the possibility of negative behavior, which will reflect poorly on your company. The last thing your company needs is some sort of scandal that arises due to the actions of some employees who disregard the norms for how to act.


Similar to bad behavior, when your employees are acting in an unethical fashion, it can dictate how those in the public view your company. It is essential that you have a prescriptive code with ethical standards for your employees to follow. Your employees must be perceived to be acting honestly at all times. In the event that your employees are acting in a manner that is less than above board, you should not hesitate to take disciplinary action. A culture of compliance starts from the top, and employees will take their cues from senior management in this regard. It is when there are lapses that public embarrassment and reputational harm result.

It is just as easy to turn your employees into your emissaries as it is to alienate them. With the proper foresight and attention to your company’s culture and actions, you can make your employees the best spokespeople for your business.

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