Many businesses worried when the pandemic struck and much of their work was moved to remote workers. Concerns about productivity and the expenses of making remote work function for their employees were on everyone’s minds. However, many of these companies were actually pleasantly surprised when they realized the remote work packed many benefits and was actually great for their bottom line. Here’s how it may be for your business as well!

More Productive Employees

The first concern was that employees would slack off or get less work done when they were working from home. But most businesses didn’t find that to be the case. In fact many (even most) employees were more productive when they were able to work from home, according to WBM Technologies. Without the extra time wasted on commuting and getting around the office, workers were able to focus more fully on getting things done when they worked from home, which led to an overall increase in productivity. The more productive your employees are, the more work your business is getting in the same amount of time!

Fewer Office Expenses

Having your employees work from home can also help you to decrease your office expenses, which will be great for your budget. If you are able to save on electricity, supplies, rent, and repairs, you will definitely improve your business’s ability to get good work done and spend your budget on the things you actually need. According to the Utah Valley Chamber, 45% of printed paper goes into the trash at the end of the day, so moving forward without such unneeded expenses will save your budget tremendously.

Better Employee Retention

If your business has high turnover, you know that it is incredibly expensive. You have to go through the work of hiring and training new employees on a regular basis, and never benefit from experienced work that comes with longevity. Employees who can work from home tend to have more job satisfaction, however, which means they are more likely to stay with their company. According to Zippia, this means you won’t have to keep training employees, instead enjoying a much more skilled worker pool. That puts you in a great position to get things done for your business.


Transitioning to have more of your employees work from home can be a great thing for your business. With happier employees and more money to spare, you will be able to move your company to the next level. Who knows, remote work might even be a good thing for you as the business owner as well!


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