Employers with teams going back to work during the pandemic now have more complications facing them which they had not previously known. Along with sick employees, and quarantines, making sure to comply with masking regulations and social distancing is important for both employees and customers. But, without standardization across industries, and, frankly, with reminders needed often until the new protocol becomes normalized, where should employers have their signs and regulations posted in order to make sure that they are most visible?

At Entrances

Each entrance must have its own sign to remind and enforce social distancing of six feet or more, as recommended by the CDC. Likewise, it’s important to be clear in your signs about specifics of your regulation. Having a sign which clearly is placed and which says that both social distancing and masking will be enforced in your place of business will assure customers that you are serious about their health and safety. A line denoting that face coverings are to be made of nonmesh, nontransparent fabrics which meet CDC safety regulations will help protect your customers from those trying to circumvent mask ordinances.

Stairs and Elevators

It is a strange time to figure out how to socially distance in a business setting. Signs in elevators and at stairwells are also a necessity to remind those accustomed to using both to be cautious. Customers and workers must continue to social distance in elevators and in stairwells, and a reminder is important. Best practice is to stand in opposite corners, to touch as little as possible, and to face away from one another. Signs should direct people to face away from each other while in an elevator.  By facing away from one another, it adds a layer of distance both physically and mentally, which hopefully reinforces distancing rules.


Signage should be repeated in any spaces where customers frequent. In fact, if there is any OSHA or CDC requirement or explanation which you wish to post, the bathroom is an excellent location. The sink is a good location for signs, as well as behind individual doors into and out of restrooms. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of such high contact areas is critical to your business.


Sharing breakrooms is an ongoing concern, both for distancing and contamination. Gone are the days of open cake boxes with pre-cut pieces or bits and pieces of things to share from home. Your team members will have difficulty adapting to this regulation, as breakrooms will not be for parties and communal use. Having a reminder ready is important.

You want to make sure both your customers and your workers are as protected as possible during this pandemic. With helpful signs as reminders at major points of human interactions, and frequent disinfection, you can keep your business healthy and safe. Your customers will know you have their needs in mind as we approach a new year.

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