Are you looking to hire new employees for your company? You’ll need to make sure that your job posting is clear and descriptive about both the open position and also your expectations for the job interview. 

When you’re hosting the interview, here are some things that you can expect your job candidates to bring.

Questions About Your Company

First, you’ll want your potential employees to come with questions about your company. They should ask multiple questions about the position as well as the direction and efforts of your company. This will show that they’re interested in your company’s goals and motivations and actively involved in the idea of being hired. 

If a potential employee doesn’t have any questions about your company or the available position, this could show a lack of interest, preparation, or dedication to the prospect of being hired. Make sure that your best candidates are the ones that are asking good questions.

A Resume and Cover Letter

You should also expect that your job candidates will bring a resume and cover letter to your job interview. Most applicants should know that they’ll need to submit or bring a resume to a job interview. A resume should organize the employee’s accomplishments in an easy-to-read report. It will reflect their education, experience, skills, and history in the industry. 

However, you might need to specify if you want a cover letter, since not all job applications require cover letters. Even if your online job application has a space for cover letters to be submitted, make sure that you specify in the job listing description that you require one. This will ensure that they’ll come prepared according to your expectations. 

A Portfolio

Depending on your industry, you might also expect your job candidates to bring a portfolio or work samples to a job interview. Again, make sure to specify in your job posting if you want them to bring a portfolio of samples to their interview since not all jobs require this. If your job posting requires creativity and visual elements, viewing portfolios can help you to determine which job applicant is best suited for your open position. For example, if you’re hiring a writer, seeing a portfolio of different writing samples can help you to familiarize yourself with their skills and writing styles. If you’re hiring a photographer, seeing their photos can help you to see if their editing and shooting styles match your branding. Asking to see portfolios could significantly help you in the hiring process.

So, if you’re getting started in the hiring process, remember these expectations that you should have for job candidates. You should expect them to bring questions about your company, a resume and cover letter, and perhaps a portfolio to a job interview. This will help you to see which candidates are truly prepared and well-fitted for your available position.

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