When you are managing a virtual team, it comes with its fair share of challenges. One of these is keeping them motivated. If you don’t get them excited about work, they might end up slacking off and affecting your results, which means you are paying for work that you aren’t getting. So don’t put your business in this situation. Next time you do some strategic business planning, plan to implement these tips to pump up your virtual team:


The first thing you need to do to motivate your virtual team is to make them trust you. You can do this by genuinely caring about them and who they are. Show them that you understand their position and want them to succeed in and out of the business.

Constant Communication

Don’t let too much time pass without talking with your virtual team. A quick email, chat message, or phone call can go a long way. After all, you don’t want them to feel that you aren’t there if they need any help.

Video Calls

Video calls are a great way to communicate with energy. There is something about being able to see someone over just hearing their voice. So place video calls every so often and give them visual stimulation.

Clear Metrics

Clear metrics and goals will set your team apart from the rest. When they understand what they are working towards, they will feel it is more attainable. Vague goals or impossible targets will not motivate your team. Instead, it could cause them to quit or get upset.

Live Meetups

Just because you have a virtual team doesn’t mean they shouldn’t meet each other. Try having a meetup somewhere neutrally located once per year. It gives them a chance to have a typical office social life without letting it get in the way of your business goals.

Assign Managers

Certain projects require more than one person. Instead of you having to manage it all, put someone in charge of the others. Give them clear rules and also allow some freedom within those parameters to get the job done.

A virtual team is a great asset for a business to have. They can help you get more productive results without as much cost regarding salary and other things like office supplies. However, if you don’t keep them motivated, they might not drive the extra mile to give you their all. Use the tips above and have peace of mind that all of your virtual workers are giving their best every time.


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