Time is a precious commodity for all business owners. This makes it imperative for business owners to understand that it may not be possible to maintain a hands-on approach with all aspects of a business.

Many business owners feel forced to wear many hats in an attempt to save money for the business. However, taking on too much work can be a huge mistake at times. Some duties are much better delegated to others or handled by a professional. This is especially true as owners deal with a business that is growing in operations. Here are a few areas in which business owners may be better off delegating some of the work.

Web Design

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Most business owners are not legitimate graphic and website designers. This means that the design of websites, logos, business cards, or other graphic arts products should be left to professionals. Business owners should also hire others to produce web content and maintain SEO. There’s a lot of strategy that goes into developing an SEO campaign. If you want your website to be easy to find, then you need someone who really knows the ins and outs of SEO to build your website. 

Social Media

Business owners with a growing business are likely to be needed for functions more vital than Facebook posts and Tweets. These activities should be delegated to others with a watchful eye kept on the process by the business owner. It is important to remember with Facebook posts, sometimes less is more. Make sure that the person you entrust to handle your social media campaigns does not create Facebook posts that are too long.

Customer Service

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Customer service is better left to an employee or company who can be trusted. The many redundant questions that are asked by customers will take too much time to answer to be handled by the boss of a thriving company. These questions will be asked even when a clear answer is given on the FAQs page of the company website. To successfully delegate the customer service issues, create a department to handle them or outsource to a call center which can professionally resolve the issues.


Marketing is a vital function that should be left to the pros. A successful business owner should provide the vision for the company’s marketing effort but will not enjoy the time it takes to familiarize himself or herself with the intricacies of marketing. Email, direct mail, and social media marketing all require experience and skill to execute at a high level.

Direct mail marketing is essential as it is designed to increase sales, get new customers and maintain current customers. It is vital that you know what you are doing if you go the direct mail way. It could cost you a lot of time, money and energy in the long run so make sure you optimize your direct mail campaign.


The growth of a small business will require a business owner to learn new skills and to improve those that already exist. The proper delegation of job duties is a skill at which a successful small business owner should become proficient. Business owners should gain an understanding of what responsibilities should be left to others and where their own skills will be most valuable.

If you’re constantly finding yourself swamped in things to do and can’t seem to find a delegation system that’s working for you, get in contact with us! We have many different trainings, coaching opportunities, and support for all levels of business management. Don’t hesitate to start receiving the guidance you need!

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