Your future as a business depends upon your customers. While business owners often think of marketing in terms of making sales and promoting deals, the truth is a lot more complex. You need to develop a relationship with your customers, and that takes a lot of two-way communication. Luckily, digital tools have provided an easy medium for this conversation to take place, and these are the top three!

Social Media

Perhaps you have a social media account for your business, but are you truly reaching people and starting conversations through it? Social media accounts are not simply billboards to plaster products across. To hone your social media game, actually research your target market and figure out where they spend most of their time in such online spaces. What topics are they most interested in? What gets them to comment on a post? What groups do they join? Once you have narrowed this down, you’ll have a much easier time posting about topics they enjoy and striking up conversation within groups.


Your Website

Whatever online promotion you do, the end goal should be to get people to your main website. If your website doesn’t end up being worth a look, however, all that hard work will be for nothing. To get the most out of your traffic, optimize your website for cell phone accessibility and optimize each page for quick loading speed. Improving navigation and speed will increase your website conversion rate. Also, don’t forget about SEO—writing consistently about topics in the blog section, with strategic keywords and link building, will drive a lot more traffic to your website.



Email may seem like an older, outdated method to some—but clearly they haven’t learned how to use it. Having a newsletter for your business and merchandise is a very effective way of improving customer retention for whatever is happening promotion-wise. The secret is to not just promote, but to make your newsletter eye-catching with an attention-grabbing name and provide information more like a news article than a hard pitch. Use high-quality images, and use a lot of them—and you’ll have a lot more success with email.


You may think that what you’re doing now is working, so why worry about it? You may be surviving just fine, but communicating with your customers can quickly take you from surviving to thriving as a business. Hone these three digital tools, and watch the numbers go up!

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