Business leaders understand that time is money. Most businesspeople don’t get very far in their career before they are reminded of that fact, either by circumstance or an advisor. Any opportunity to save time is an opportunity to devote time and effort towards a more valuable goal. Nobody wants to spend their time on unimportant but urgent tasks. It is those important but not urgent tasks that make or break your company. If you’re looking for ways to capture that extra time, here are some things to consider.


Plan Your Work

We all know the quote, attributed to Alan Lakein, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Far too often, tasks go uncompleted and important priorities get pushed aside due to inadequate planning. When your work day is allowed to demand its own schedule, it’s not much different than the sky over an airport with no traffic control. All the planes try to land at once and it’s chaos.

Whenever possible, your day should be planned in advance, preferably during a quiet, uninterrupted interval late in the previous day.


Work Your Plan

Planning does you no good if you don’t have the discipline to stick to it. The plan for your work day is a valuable asset, because it is the thing that will save you the time you need to address those important priorities. You put valuable effort into that plan. Use it.


Keep Track

One of the key elements of a successful business is immediate knowledge of what is happening and what has already happened. Many companies make use of database-driven record-keeping software in order to keep detailed records of their activities.

And in the age of big data, there’s a lot of information that needs storing. According to Object Rocket dbaas, “A database is a computer system used to store indexed information.” You need to be able to retrieve that information reliably and use it to make business decisions. Databases make this possible by allowing you to store, organize, manipulate, and retrieve the data you collect in your daily business processes. It is a versatile technology that should not be overlooked.


Limit E-Mail

Left to itself, e-mail will rise up and consume all your available time. It is best to set an interval early in the day and another late in the day to read and answer e-mail. Addressing it as it comes in is a sure-fire way to frustrate any chance of focused work or quality results. Nobody can accomplish much with constant interruptions.


Time is a valuable commodity. It pays not to waste it. By following some basic rules, you can improve the productivity and results of your team. Being a leader means helping others to do what needs to be done because they want to do it. And we’re here to help you do that every step of the way.

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