People buy from those they can trust. This is the basis upon which customer loyalty relies. Maybe you are just starting out and beginning to attempt to build a reputation. Maybe your business has changed hands and needs to rebuild under new management. Or, maybe you have an unfortunate reputation that is in need of repair after unfortunate circumstances. Regardless of your situation, it’s important to know how to collect and keep customers. So how do you do it?

Earn Reviews

If your business existed a hundred years ago and wanted more customers, you would want word-of-mouth advertising. If someone said that you were the best in your field, those told would think of you first. Today, excellent reviews do the same thing. If someone leaves you a positive review, this boosts your reputation. You are no longer limited to those who know that person personally to reach future clientele. Asking customers to fill out an online survey can improve your reputation.

Follow Through With Promises

Whether you follow through on promises or not can make or break your company. If your company has been dishonest or falls through on commitments, trust is lost. Rebuilding trust with a client can be difficult to impossible. You must make promises that are possible to keep. Always make sure you communicate with your customers if you’re unable to follow through with something.

Show Customers Respect

Respect is a trained response from being treated with integrity. Your customer service commitment and capability will help customers know you respect them. You want to make sure your team is trained in different aspects of respect. This includes respecting customs, culture, race, religion, gender, and sexuality. Teach them to use correct personal pronouns for clients and honor diverse families, holidays, and religious needs. Customers who feel respected feel safe patronizing your business.

Develop an SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO), is critical to your business. You want to have your business show up as one of the first options given to new customers by search algorithms. While it should be only part of your strategy, blogging can be an effective digital marketing tool. Make sure you post frequently about work you do, what options you serve to clientele, and other articles related to your business. This will help you become a more likely-to-be-seen presence in the search algorithms.


The specific keywords used on your site make a difference in search algorithms. This can seem overwhelming when assembling a new website. Your site designer can help you ferret out which specific words will suit the search algorithms you are targeting. It’s a matching game: your keywords must match what your intended clients will be searching. If you need help creating those keywords or blog posts, hiring copywriters who specialize in your field may be useful.

A Great Customer Service Team

Any business is only as good as its people, and your team is your front line to building a great reputation. If your team likewise feels respected and has been well trained, they will be happier. This respect flows to the customer, who recognizes that team members who feel confident do efficient work. These customers know they can trust your customer support to help them with any issues that might arise. This builds further trust. Remember, it’s not keeping anything from ever going wrong which builds reputation. It’s what you do to fix the problem when it arises and how satisfied the customer is with the outcome.


As in all interpersonal relationships, a business client relationship needs consistency. This is key if you want to build reputation and maintain trust. No one wants to deal with a business that doesn’t provide consistent results. Careful consistency, both in public image and personal relations, will help your business to gain a healthy reputation. If customers do not know what to expect, they cannot make solid decisions for their own needs. Excellent companies build excellent products every time. If there is a mistake, they always fix it.

Be Well Defined as a Brand

Your good name matters. Your brand must be consistent if you want to gain a good service reputation. You must make sure you have secured your business name online as well as locally. Make sure that you also have social media accounts established and email accounts in your company name.

Your brand needs to be both professional and well defined. This means that your logos, social media, and other accouterments should be matching. Think of your online presence as a suit. All parts and accessories must match what reputation you intend to have. If you build a beautiful suit of fine silk and wear crocs, that’s ok—if it’s an intentional choice. If it’s accidental, your customers will notice the misstep.

This can be remedied by creating a clear and consistent brand. Make sure that you create a clear brand and communicate what that means to your employees. Your brand defines who you are and what you present to the world. It must be intentional and created carefully.

Your good name matters, both to you and to your clientele. Customers love being able to find reliable and consistent businesses. They rely upon the services you provide. You don’t want to be the kind of business that people know they can’t trust. Knowing you will show them respect in all forms, as well as being honorable in your dealings with them, will bring loyalty for decades to come. People who write reviews have a further reach than you know.

A customer’s reviews cast a wide net across an impossibly big virtual city. Being able to show those individualized clients that the work and service you provide will be consistent is always good. Make sure your name will be the best known in your field—not only for your product and design but for your ongoing respect for your customers. Brand recognition can only soar when the brand’s reputation soars along with it.

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