If you’re looking for side jobs that won’t last all year or have a guaranteed season of profitability, then look no further. There are plenty of ways you can make some extra money as the seasons go buy. Here are some seasonal businesses you can start on the side.

Pool Cleaning

If you’re looking for a summer job that’s flexible, keeps you fit, and helps you work on your tan, then pool cleaning is the job for you. There are plenty of benefits that go along with this business. For one, you can start part time and set your own hours. You won’t be subject to a rigorous schedule. You also get to be outside instead of cooped up in an office. Not to mention, it won’t require much of an initial investment. Granted you may need to acquire certification depending on local laws. Pool cleaning can also be very profitable. Some professional pool cleaners earn between $50 and $60 an hour. Some physical labor out in the sun is definitely worth that kind of money. You can also depend on work throughout the summer as pools will require regular cleaning.

Fireworks Retailer

The summertime is often a season of celebration and excitement and what’s more exciting than fireworks? Whether it’s the 4th of July, Labor Day, or a family reunion, people will be anxious to get their hands on some fireworks. Being a fireworks retailer can be a lucrative business. However, there are a few rules that go along with this one. You’ll need to make sure you have all the proper permits and licenses. It’s also recommended that you get insurance and make sure you check the local laws where you intend to sell.

Corn Farm

Growing and selling corn can be an excellent seasonal business. It is one of the most common crops grown in America and you can be sure to make some money off of it. However, before you get started make sure you are aware of how to be safe. For example, a tractor canopy reduces the risks of sun exposure such as skin cancer. Make sure you’re well protected. You should also make sure you know how to properly operate all machinery. When done right, growing corn can be a fruitful endeavor.

Pumpkin Patch

One of the autumn essentials is pumpkins. Everyone needs and wants pumpkins to decorate their homes. It’s nearly a necessity to have a jack-o-lantern or two lighting up your front porch around Halloween. Having a pumpkin patch can be a very profitable fall business because pumpkins are so widely sought after. There are many varieties you can choose from and other activities you can add to your pumpkin patch to draw in more customers (and additional revenue). Advertise your pumpkin patch well and offer activities like a maze, haunted house, or even a pumpkin decorating station. Everyone has fond memories of going to the pumpkin patch. Start your own pumpkin patch and give people those fond memories!

Christmas Tree Farm

As November turns to December, many people begin looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Surprisingly, the market for live Christmas trees has actually been growing as more people turn away from plastic trees. Now is the time to start your own Christmas tree farm. These farms can be very profitable and they are also low maintenance. There isn’t much to be done aside from waiting for the trees to mature. As they near maturation you just need to give them an annual pruning. As an added bonus, you can also sell wreaths, garlands, and boughs. Some farms make just as much selling these other decorations as they do selling their trees.

Snow Shoveling

Winters can be harsh and bitter especially with heavy snowfall. Most people would rather stay inside where it’s warm and cozy than go out to shovel their driveways and walkways. Starting a snow shoveling business can be an excellent opportunity to make money on the side. You can be flexible with your hours and shovel outside of work or even on the weekends. It’s also pretty cheap to start up. All you really need is yourself and a shovel. You are guaranteed to make a profit. You can also increase the popularity of your business by offering to not only shovel but salt driveways and walkways. Many snow shoveling businesses don’t offer this, so it could make your business stand out.

Spring Cleaning Service

The springtime is a season that many people use as a fresh start. All of nature is waking up and coming out of a long winter. Going along with that, many people decide it’s time to do a deep cleaning of their home. However, it’s a big job and not a lot of people are actually up for it. They just like the idea of a fresh start. That’s where you come in. Everyone is looking to do some spring cleaning and by starting a spring-cleaning service, you take the burden away from them. People will be eager to pay someone else to clean their home while they can just relax and soak in the feeling of a fresh start. Spring cleaning can be an excellent business opportunity if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease.

Forcing Bulbs

This might sound like an odd one, but forcing bulbs is very spring appropriate. It involves tricking flower bulbs into blooming earlier while indoors. You can grow these flowers out of season by placing them in favorable conditions and then the flowers can be full and beautiful before spring has sprung. By the end of winter, everyone grows tired of the dead, colorless winter. People will be aching for some fresh flowers. Starting a business of forcing blooms can be just what everyone is looking for. You can help people brighten up their homes and embrace the sense of renewal and rebirth that accompanies spring.

Whether it’s about the holidays or the weather, starting a seasonal business can be very profitable. Some may be more long-term investments, but you get out whatever you put in. As the seasons change, give some of these businesses a try.

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