There are a great deal of conflicting concepts which say they will bring you success in the marketplace. Leadership qualities are many and developing them seems nearly impossible at times. Even more confusing, what leadership looks like can vary between genders, communities, and can get complex. What are strong qualities that you need to begin developing to become a good leader?


You already know that to market yourself and your business, you need to be motivated. Unlike some schemes which claim that if you don’t work hard enough at being a “boss babe,” you won’t see success, actual motivation comes from full belief in your business and your product. This doesn’t mean that you have to have preternatural confidence in yourself at all times, nor that you have to be motivated at every moment or you’ll see failure! Being internally motivated involves a deep-seated confidence that you are marketing a quality product.


Many business owners erroneously suppose that appearing honest and trustworthy is the secret to good business. Some find success this way, albeit fleetingly. Many modern customers have the capability to see past a crocodile grin and catch phrase and should do so. Your business name and brand depend upon your company becoming known as being credible and trustworthy in the marketplace. Foster this both in your actions and in your logo and design. A good brand image builds credibility among customers. Honoring customer service requests quickly and taking care of complaints both help build trust.


The best leaders surround themselves not with flunkies, but with great minds who help them to reach their business dreams. If your business intends to be able to flourish (and for you to keep motivated and have good credibility), having excellent talent around you matters a great deal. Your team cannot be composed of those who won’t support your business work. Good, educated team members must be cultivated as leaders in their own right, and given the chance to flourish in their jobs. This includes being given autonomy to not be micromanaged, while being accountable, of course.

As a leader in the marketplace, your business depends upon your good name, including your brand and credibility. Your team depends upon you, and you upon them. It’s not possible for your leadership capabilities to grow without cultivating their growth!

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