Leadership is Not Management – It’s the Art of Influencing

Leadership continues to be the hottest topic today in every sector, from business to politics to fund-raising; it’s tied to every hook in sales and every call to action that seeks some sort of response, it’s universally used to generate business and by design to increase performance and cash flow. So then, what do you think? And how do you discern the predatory use of this science?

How leadership is best defined? I can give you make take on it, after having experienced a lifetime of leadership at every level imaginable…except as a politician. Simply put, leadership equates responsibility L=R. This is a simply formula than when applied,  it causes the leader to act on what he or she says or commits to…

“Many believe that leadership is a science; others believe that leadership is an art. While I don’t completely disagree, I am of the opinion that leadership encompasses a little bit of both and is culminated in full by a simple definition. Leadership equals responsibility” ~ Jorge Gutierrez


What do you deem the most important element of leadership? What is leadership all about?

Leadership is about people; it’s not about managing people nor about managing expectations – it has nothing to do with management. Leadership is about influencing and serving people. When done at its best, leadership becomes servant in its practice. It doesn’t look to control nor manipulate; it seeks out the best in people in an attempt to achieve optimal results. It is the art of influencing people in such a way as to cause them to believe in themselves, their purpose and their mission, influence in such a way that people would achieve those things they thought would otherwise be unachievable. This is the true art and measure of a servant leader. Leadership in action is about People.


How often do we hear scholars, business leaders and others use the word management in concert with managing people? More than I like to hear it; this causes me to think that much is still to be done as we engage in raising the future generation of leaders, those that will be burdened with the responsibility of affecting and effecting change at every level of our societal needs.

Managing is not about people, perhaps just a bit as it pertains to managing expectations, however, is more about resources, schedules, time-lines, money and all those things that will materially be associated with task accomplishment – except people. You don’t manage people, you Lead them.


Leadership and Management are both independent skills to be learned. No one is born with these skills, and very few are in possession of both; those that are stand head and shoulders above those that don’t.

The key to success within the leadership field is to understand the difference and to commit to serving and communicating with efficacy with whom we lead….People.



Jorge is an accomplished and experienced Executive Advisor, Author, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Sales Trainer and Consultant. Certified to conduct individual and organizational assessments to identify and provide gap analyses and solutions for non-profits and for profit organizations. Jorge’s passion and purpose is to serve others and develop human capital through leadership development and quality of life improvement. Jorge is Co-Author of The Change 7 Insights into Self Development, available in Amazon

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