“Many believe that leadership is a science; others believe that leadership is an art. While I don’t completely disagree, I am of the opinion that leadership encompasses a little bit of both and is culminated in full by a simple definition. Leadership equals responsibility”

What do you deem the most important element of leadership? What is leadership all about?

Leadership is about people; it’s not about managing people nor about managing expectations – it has nothing to do with management. Leadership is about influencing and serving people. When done at its best, leadership becomes servant in its practice. It doesn’t look to control nor manipulate; it seeks out the best in people in an attempt to achieve optimal results. It is the art of influencing people in such a way as to cause them to believe in themselves, their purpose and their mission, influence in such a way that people would achieve those things they thought would otherwise be un-achievable. This is the true art and measure of a servant leader. Leadership in action is about People.



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