If you’ve ever had to hire a new employee at your company, you know the struggles of the hiring process. In order to make sure you’re hiring high-quality candidates, some sort of vetting process is necessary. These are some of the issues you may come across when vetting potential hires, and how to handle them.

Embarrassing Social Media Posts

The first issue you may come across when vetting potential hires is embarrassing social media posts. Just about everyone has one or more social media accounts nowadays. If you look through their accounts, you may find some old or embarrassing posts. It’s important to remember that everyone has some embarrassing posts on their social media. 

However, if you come across any posts that concern you, this may be a good indicator that you shouldn’t proceed with the hire. Things to keep a watch out for are any instances of harassment, drug or alcohol use, or legal issues.

Criminal Records

Another thing that you may come across when vetting any potential hires is their criminal records. This will likely occur during the background check portion of the vetting process. If the potential hire does have a criminal record, don’t let that deter you immediately from hiring them. Many individuals reform themselves after dealing with legal trouble and come out better. A character reference can put your mind at ease if the candidate has a record. 

It also helps to note whether or not this individual was upfront with you about what was on their criminal record. If they let you know from the beginning that they’d dealt with difficulty in the past, you may be better able to trust them to be honest with you in the future.

False Credentials

While it doesn’t necessarily happen often, there are times when individuals falsify things on their resumes. In order to make themselves look more impressive to you, they may add false credentials to their resume. If you’re looking into a potential hire’s credentials and discover that some of them have been falsified, this may be an indicator that they are not always truthful in their dealings. 


Be watchful for any falsified credentials you may find on individuals’ resumes.

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is vetting these potential hires. Because there’s no way to know someone’s character solely based on an interview, you need to perform various tasks to ensure that they’re quality employees. These are three issues you may see when vetting employees.


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