Any business–large or small–has many avenues it can take in order to save on taxes. These savings can mean the difference between sinking and swimming for smaller, more local businesses. 

Here are some of the first things to look into when you want to save.

Make Energy Efficient Improvements

Certain kinds of investments will merit certain tax breaks. There will be some variation from state to state, so you should do research in order to know which breaks will save you the most money in your given state. 

There are caveats at the federal level that also provide tax breaks universally. Spending money to make energy-efficient improvements in your business will enable you to claim these financial advantages. The more business expenses you can claim at the end of the tax year, the more money you can save on your final total. 

Donate Excess Funds

Business expenses aren’t the only thing you can write off. Donations are another factor to consider. Donations offer unique benefits to your business. While you may not be actively improving or transforming your company (as you would with business expenses), donations allow you to make a real impact in your local community

That’s an opportunity to do something substantial with the financial and social clout of your business. Donating to a charity that helps with local poverty, for instance, can be huge. Poverty can have a severe negative impact on teens’ ability to succeed. Publicly donating to charities will also build a more loyal customer base in your locality. Make sure to be confident in an organization’s or charity’s integrity before donating.

File Your Taxes Correctly

This step might seem like the most obvious–but it is also the easiest to mess up. All of your effort and money that you’ve put towards donations and business expenses will be for naught if you don’t do your taxes the right way. It’s not even just about losing money–egregious errors can prompt fines or an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Audits can be painful ordeals that can cripple your business if you’re not careful. Keep a careful record of everything involved with your business finances, and make backups of that careful record. 

Nobody likes taxes. But if you come to learn how they work and how you can take advantage of them, you will be able to save substantial amounts of money year after year. Educate yourself on the system. Talk to a tax professional if you need to. 

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