As a business leader, you have the responsibility to properly care for your employees and provide a positive working environment. Not only is taking care of your new colleagues the right thing to do, but it will also help you to attract and retain quality employees. Here are three ways that you can take care of your new employees the proper way.

Offer Flexible Hours

One of the best ways that you can make new employees feel valued and taken care of is to give them the option of flexible hours. Offering a flexible working schedule is an easy, cost-effective, and meaningful way to provide value to working at your organization. Your new colleagues will appreciate that you recognize that they have a life outside of work. In today’s competitive workforce, employees are demanding benefits such as flexible working hours. Making an effort to institute this freedom of schedule will help to set you apart from the pack.

Make Them an Actual Employee

As a responsible employer, it is your job to take care of your new workers by actually making them official employees and not just hiring them as an independent contractor. While you may save a little money on health benefits or taxes, you are not taking care of your employees in a rightful way. Many sleazy employers attempt to circumvent the law and save money by having an employee execute a contract stating the individual is an independent contractor. Employers resort to such conduct to avoid costs associated with benefits and taxes.

Provide Them a Mentor

Installing a mentor program is a highly effective way to provide your new employees with the support that they need to feel welcome and to flourish within your organization on both a personal and professional level. How you structure your mentor program is up to you. You can choose to go with a formal program that is professionally driven, or you can institute a more casual mentorship program that exists to simply help new employees get to know their way around the company. The important thing is that the employee feels as if they have somebody to go to with any questions or concerns.

You will never regret taking the necessary steps to care for and nurture your new employees. Not only is it good business practice, but it will also make your company a more attractive option for the top talent.

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