With the COVID-19 restrictions easing up around the country, you may be wondering how to protect your employees who need to work in the office. What precautions do you take? How can you protect them while still allowing them to work so they can support their families? Here are some ideas of things you can try.

Keep Them Apart

Even though restrictions may be lightening, it is still important to keep your employees apart. If your office is a call center, separate them further than normal by only operating every other station. Use tape on the floor to mark off six feet for social distancing. In the lunchroom, encourage employees to sit away from each other as a precaution. Don’t shake hands with your employees. While social distancing may be hard, and it may be troublesome at times to carry on a conversation with someone who is two or three desks away than normal, it is for everyone’s safety that they be kept apart.

Follow OSHA Standards

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines are guidelines issued by the government to protect workers on the job. These guidelines include providing safety harnesses for jobs that require being elevated, guards on machines to prevent injuries, among many other protection measures. OSHA also has issued guidelines for dealing with COVID-19. For example, when necessary, you and your employees should use personal protective equipment on the job. OSHA standards for the workplace also include maintaining social distancing, cleaning surfaces frequently and providing and wearing protection equipment. It may be an extra hassle but following OSHA standards will help you keep your employees safe.

Cleanliness Measures

In addition to social distancing and OSHA standards, make sure to keep your office as clean as possible. Provide hand sanitizer for your employees. Wipe down desks and computer stations frequently, especially desks that are shared by multiple employees, like call stations. Wipe down other spaces that are used frequently and by multiple people, like tables and chairs in the lunchroom. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors to consider as your employees return to work.

It is important even as we ease off restrictions to take necessary precautions. It may take a while to adjust, and it may cause frustrations, especially as these steps may be disruptive to the regular routine your employees follow, but these precautions will help keep your employees safe.

If you need help getting your employees to be productive as they return to work in the office, contact us to schedule some coaching!

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