Anyone who commutes to work has had at least one unpleasant commuting experience. Maybe you’ve been stuck in rush hour traffic or behind an accident. It’s hard to deal with an unpleasant commute day after day. 

Finding ways to make your commute a better experience can go a long way toward getting your work day off to a good start.

Listen to Something Uplifting

Sometimes it helps to turn outside of yourself for inspiration to get things off to a good start. Find something uplifting you can listen to during your commute. Make a playlist of your favorite uplifting and inspirational songs or find great inspirational podcasts to listen to. 

Most vehicles these days have a way for you to connect a device to the sound system, whether you use an aux cord or Bluetooth. If you use public transportation to commute, remember to bring headphones or earbuds you can use so you don’t disturb others.

Ditch Your Car

Many people use personal vehicles to commute, but that isn’t the only option. Depending on where you live and work, there are often other ways you can get to work. E-bikes can travel as fast as 20 mph with a pedal-assist

You can also use a regular bike, take a bus, ride the train, or even carpool, if those options are available and make sense for where you are. The options that get you moving are a good way to get the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Other options give you a chance to be around others and take away the stress of being in the driver’s seat.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Few things make a commute unpleasant like the stress of feeling like you’re running late or that you’ve forgotten something. Set yourself up for success by preparing for your day and your commute the night before. Know how long it typically takes to get from home to work and build in 10-15 minutes of extra time to account for unexpected emergencies. Pack what you need for work and have it ready by the door before you go to bed. Pack a nutritious lunch if you bring lunch from home and have that ready to go as well. Lay out your clothes so you don’t have to spend time figuring out what to wear in the morning. All of that preparation can go a long way toward reducing the stress you experience on your commute because you’re on top of things.

You have the option of simply putting up with a rough commute day after day and bemoaning your poor luck whenever things don’t go well. That’s not the best way to operate though. Do yourself a favor and take back control of your commute. Find ways to make it a pleasant experience. It’s a lot easier to create the good day you need when you take steps to start it off strong.

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