While remote work has been a possibility for some time now, the pandemic made it much more common for people in many industries. One of the main challenges for remote workers is how to ensure that they are well connected with your staff that are in office. Here are a few solutions that can help you and your remote employees to be more connected and more productive while at work. 

Use Collaboration Tools 

Remote work is made so much easier by the availability of collaboration tools. Getting your employees set up with the tools they need to collaborate with others no matter where they are will help you to get things done and keep your remote employees in the loop. The google suite is a great set of tools that can help your employees to work on projects together despite working remotely. Make sure all of your employees are trained on how to use those tools well so that they will have an easier time making collaboration happen

Stay in Touch 

You also need to be in frequent communication with your team so they know what is going on and can work effectively. You can communicate in a variety of ways depending on your preferences and the needs of any given situation. Email and online chat are often great options while VoIP is another option that works for many teams when they need the assistance of verbal cues. VoIP uses the cloud to connect employees through phone calls via the internet. This makes it an affordable and effective way to stay in touch with your team. 

Have Fun Together 

Sometimes your remote team can feel disengaged and disconnected from the office. Making time to have fun with your remote workers can help you to build stronger bonds and keep them invested in the work. Take time to put together activities that your remote employees can do from home. Also make it a point to communicate with remote employees about what is going on with their lives, not just the work they need to do. 

It’s important that your remote team knows what is going on and has the tools to do their part. These tips can help you to ensure that the workplace is always productive, whether it is in the office or at home. And that means you will be in great shape to keep your business moving forward.

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