The onboarding process at your company is a transition moment between recruitment and employment. Your ability to retain quality employees will depend on how they feel working at your company and the best first impression you can make is with their onboarding. Below are a few ways you can improve the onboarding process and an employee’s overall experience with your company.

Get Feedback from Current Employees

Every employee likes to feel like they are a contributing member of a team. When the team succeeds, they succeed. Talk to your employees and ask how you can improve the onboarding process. They are the ones who went through it more recently and will likely have some very valuable input. Your employees will likely bring up elements you would otherwise overlook because you are not the one personally going through the transition. According to ProcessMaker, each employee wants to have coworkers they get along with and are highly motivated to help you bring in those everyone can get along with.

Simplify with Software

The most tedious part of onboarding is the paperwork and training. You can simplify this for yourself and your new employees by using software to help with the onboarding process. Using software programs, like PeopleSoft, will help you digitize paperwork, and make it easier to fill out and keep track of. According to Gideon Taylor, PeopleSoft tools can assist with employee onboarding and other HR tasks at your company. For example, you can upload any training videos and keep track of the new employee’s progress in completing all the necessary training. This will establish a clear path of communication that is easy to follow.

Keep It Personal

First-day jitters are very real. According to Kisi, you can ease your employee’s anxiety about their new employment by taking time to get to know them. Set paperwork and training aside and focus on the individual. Introduce them to their teammates, make sure they know their way around the building and how their security permissions work. An interactive environment will help your new employee feel more comfortable and it will help them remember names and procedures better.

Bringing in new employees makes your company better. You continue to become better when your employees are fully integrated. Improve the onboarding process at your company by getting feedback from current employees, simplifying with software, and keeping it personal for a great first day.

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