The internet has unlocked unprecedented potential for global collaboration and the rise of international business. It is virtually impossible to run a business without using the internet in some capacity, and usually as an integral part of your operations. But some drawbacks come with the internet and business, mainly cybersecurity. Thanks to the internet, cybercriminals can now target your business from anywhere in the world, at any time. The key to preventing attacks is following cybersecurity best practices. Here are three things that you can do to ensure your employees practice good network security.

Provide Training

The first and most important thing that your business can do to ensure your employees practice good network security is providing cybersecurity training to all employees. If an employee is going to use the internet as part of their job duties, they should be trained in the proper techniques and practices for cybersecurity. Including cybersecurity training in your onboarding process is a good first step. You should then follow it up with recurring mandatory training sessions to cover new best practices and answer any questions employees may have about maintaining network security at your business.

Make Sure They Use Secure Wi-Fi

Another step that can ensure your employees practice good network security is to make sure they use secure Wi-Fi when doing work activities online. While many employees, particularly remote employees, may desire to work outside of the home at a coffee shop or library, they should never be using public Wi-Fi networks to access sensitive information. Public Wi-Fi can pose security risks for your business. The best way to enable your employees to follow this rule is to pay for unlimited data on a work phone for your employees so that they can use a private hotspot to connect to work away from the office or home.

Mandate Strong Passwords

The final way that you can ensure your employees practice good network security is to mandate strong passwords. The easiest way that hackers and cybercriminals access your business’s info is simply by figuring out the simple and easy-to-guess passwords many people choose. Mandating that passwords contain a certain number of special characters can be a good first step. It may also be smart to activate two-step authentications for work applications for added password security.

Cybersecurity is critical for your business’s reputation and the well-being of your customer’s sensitive data. To protect your business, your employees have to know best practices. If you can do these three things at your business, you can ensure your employees practice good network security.

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