In business, you are either growing or dying. And in today’s world, true business growth means automating as much of your company’s processes as possible. Obviously, there will be things that always require a human touch, but you should be automating the following areas and using the following tools to get ahead:


The MVP is the minimum viable product. This is the lowest effort version of a new product that allows you to collected validated information about customer behavior or preferences. Many companies make the mistake of spending too much human energy on their MVP.

Instead of spending hours in a room with your top talent, pull from your current data on customers from your marketing campaigns. Let automation take the wheel and come up with customer profiles. Then, from there, design an MVP that appeals to that customer first.


Different metrics are crucial for your business in different ways. However, this can change from day to day depending on your goals for growth initiatives. By using software, you can automate which metrics you are tracking with code that can detect changes in market realities, sales, and conversion rates. Constantly check to see that your metrics are as useful as they can be and that you aren’t wasting valuable time and effort on low ROI processes. It can also be beneficial to do a self-assessment or audit to ensure max productivity is occurring. This also prepared companies for external audits, which are common whenever a company uses a third party software.

Data Integrations

Managing data is one of the more difficult aspects of running a business of any size. In spite of how crucial and useful it is, the mere process of entering it or sorting it is complex enough to become a nightmare if not managed carefully. Fortunately, data integration tools and services exist. These can help you get firm footing in your particular work processes by automating data transfers and making your data tasks much more efficient. These saved costs can then be directed towards tasks and ventures that you actually care about.


Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, uses bots to automate transaction processing, data manipulation, and other repeatable processes so that the people in your organization can focus on their strengths like emotional intelligence, reasoning, and decision making.


Automating your marketing is key to growth. By scheduling social media posts, email times, and even A/B testing, you can achieve more profit and spend less time tweaking variables. Then, you can spend your energy on higher level ideas.


A standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a set of rules for how to perform a task in your company. Essentially, if it needs to be done more than once in your business, you should put an SOP into place for it. This can apply to answering emails, making sales calls, and deciding whether or not a product is ready to ship out to customers.

When it comes to getting ahead in your business, you need a growth strategy that views automation as an essential asset. While it can take longer to put these processes and tools into place at first, the payoff will be major on the backend. So review the options above and make sure you are poised for automation and growth. The BMOC Group is invested in seeing your business grow and succeed. Contact us to learn about opportunities for business generation and executive coaching!

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