There are a lot of factors that go into a customer’s decision of which business to go to. Convenience, pricing, and quality all have a role to play. Ultimately, though, customers choose businesses and products that cater to their needs. Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so how do you develop products that cater to their needs?

Identify Their Problems

There is a very strong psychological component to the decisions customers make about the products they buy. If you want to develop a product that will be in high demand, don’t focus so much on all the cool features it has. Focus on what it can do to make your customers’ lives easier. Customers want products that solve problems, with the features being more of an afterthought. Look at different types of customer problems so you can design a product that can fix them.

Use Customer Data

Customer data can be an invaluable asset that you should use to your advantage. You’ve likely been collecting a variety of data points on your customers throughout your time in business. If not, it’s time to start. You can use past data to target certain promotions to customers most likely to benefit from them. Look at sales trends to see what products are most popular and which ones are least. That can help you get a feel for what your customers already find value in and what isn’t working for them as well.

Ask for Feedback

At the end of the day, your customers are likely your most valuable source of information on their own needs. Ask them for feedback. What do they like about your current product offerings? Where do they fall short? What would they like to see from your business moving forward? You may find the responses enlightening. As a bonus, you can help your customers feel valued because you took the time to talk to them. Implementing their ideas into your products proves you’re paying attention and value what they have to say.

Developing products that cater to customer needs is one of the wiser moves a business can make. To do so, start by identifying the problems facing your customers. Use customer data to do some customer analysis. You may also find asking for feedback to be helpful. All of this should give you the information you need to get started brainstorming ideas for products that will fulfill the needs of your customers.

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