Every good business owner, and quite a few terrible ones, has goals for their company. What makes the difference between the two? What can change your goals into a future you will love? And how can you make sure you’re setting actionable goals, to create the future you want to see?

Make Them Achievable

The difference between a wish and a goal is the specific steps that are set down to progress to a completed project. This means that it needs to be possible to achieve! Remember, having pie-in-the-sky goals for your team doesn’t mean you get there faster. It only means you are more discouraged while attempting to get closer to that pie. Instead, set goals that can be clearly defined, have a time orientation/deadline, and which are feasible to accomplish. Succeeding in accomplishing several tasks builds confidence and stamina in teamwork as well.

Gather Customer Data

It’s hard to know what goals to even begin to set unless you know what demographic to target and how to best go about that process. It’s important to have the data analytics necessary to do those things. Your steps towards a targeted audience of 50–70-year-olds are vastly different than if your targeted audience is between the age of 13–17. Make sure you have the specific data which can guide you towards what steps you need to take next. Real-time data can help you resolve issues even faster.

Do What Motivates

This might be obvious, but your team doesn’t care as much about having a pizza party. They’re not nine-year-olds, and neither are you. However, we are all motivated positively by something, and finding what motivates us to do great things makes a huge difference in business. It’s ok to delegate things that are not in your capabilities as an entrepreneur- being a good businessperson means you are learning what things you’re motivated to do yourself, and which are ones you’d much rather pay to have done. Delegate what doesn’t motivate you, and get your work done faster, with a great deal more enjoyment, while helping someone else who does love to do that thing.

Your business needs time-oriented, achievable goals which have clear steps towards a finished point. They need to be data analytics-driven. Best of all, they must motivate you to work towards achieving!

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