You want to be able to build customer loyalty. You need your customers, and you need your customers to need you as well! With less face to face interaction, how is this possible? What can you do to further interactions that help your business, without annoying potential customers?

Ask for Feedback

Everybody loves getting positive feedback. You also know that even negative feedback can be useful to learn from as you grow as a company. According to REVE Chat, it’s critical to ask for feedback either at the point of service, or within a couple of days, while it is fresh in the customer’s mind. Likewise, you want your customers to be invested in returning to your business. This means resolving complaints or problems quickly and magnanimously, and with as little back and forth as possible.

Communicate Better

Learning how to communicate more efficiently with consumers is key to receiving engagement as well. Many consumers report being annoyed at their email inboxes filling up with unsolicited emails, or getting calls that they do not want. Such outdated methods of communication are less likely to gain positive feedback. Instead, try text messaging. According to Podium, text messages have a 98% open rate compared to 20% for email. Likewise, surveys on social media can be highly effective for getting interactions. Few people can resist giving their opinions in a fast survey!

Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing is fairly simple, and exceptionally useful for modern companies. Sending emails to customers has gone the way of attempts to engage customers by fax—useless, unless you are a dinosaur. You want your brand to be modern and pleasing. According to Aspiration Marketing, finding social media techniques which match your overall brand appeal matters for engaging your audience base. Something funny or mildly cheeky often works wonders. Interactive images or doing tutorials on YouTube of simple fixes might be a great way to also engage. Figure out what will work best for your individual business, and you can get more “eye-time,” which leads to brand recognition and customer interaction.

Your brand is your business and getting customers to interact with your brand can help your business immensely. Using simple techniques to get the attention of those individuals, and use their valued minutes to get customer feedback, will help your business grow. Keep looking for fun ways to engage those eyes, and to gain just a minute of interaction, and your customer brand loyalty will grow.   

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