According to Kellogg School of Management, “Proctor & Gamble executives estimate as many as 80 percent of new offerings don’t perform as well as expected.” This statistic proves that branding is not easy. However, it can help attract job applicants.

What is Brand Management?

Investopedia said,”Brand management is a function of marketing that use technology to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time.” It distinguishes your product by communicating your Unique Selling Proposition. Branding is not necessarily based on money. Positive relationships with your target audience is key.

Applicants’ Expectations

Job applicants research employers. According to Gallup, “Most workers, many of whom are millennials, approach a company with a highly defined set of expectations.” Applicants look at reviews on job sites such as Glass Door. They also connect with people who work at the company they would like to join.

A company’s employees are its best brand ambassadors. Solid advertising not only boosts sales but targets highly qualified job candidates. The organization must have buy-in from every department especially human resources.


Applicants are selective. They want to work for a leading company that’s competitive in the marketplace. Is your business the no.1 supplier of office products?

Is it the biggest women’s clothing retailer? It’s also an objective score that verifies the company’s operations.

Customer Service

What kind of experience does a potential applicant have when they call your company and speak with the receptionist? What kind of impression do they get when they read a job posting, complete an online application or attend a job fair? Branding is not limited to tangibles, e.g., product, brochure, photos and videos.


A HRMS (Human Resource Management System) supports your brand. With software that helps with the onboarding process and the maintenance of employee records, a HRMS is invaluable (Bamboo HR). This type of paperless, online program enhances your company’s image. Mobile applications save time and money and make access easier for job candidates.

Shared Values

Applicants don’t just want full-time employment with benefits. As corny as it may sound, they want to be happy. Your brand answers the question, “Will I be happy working for XYZ company?” Does the company have values that align with mine? Do they believe in diversity or have a mentorship program?


Brand Management is crucial to attracting quality candidates. Let your company stand out as a reputable employer. Develop a strategic marketing campaign today.

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