In the past, most businesses stayed out of their employees’ health and lifestyle choices considering them to be their employees’ own personal matters and only caring that they came to work and were productive. But they’ve come to understand that both things go hand in hand and that getting the best out of employees means making sure they’re making healthy choices each day and offering incentives as part of a wellness program. Many of these wellness programs allow companies to save on healthcare costs and get other employee discounts, but they can also make the company itself a much better place to work.

Provide Numerous Health Benefits

When an employer provides excellent health benefits, it’s going to catch the eye of many potential employees. Everyone will get sick in their lifetime, and so everyone will want to take advantage of the best type of care they can get. When a particularly competitive candidate has to choose between two positions, often the position with better benefits will win. Every employee appreciates the ability to take sick days, go to the doctor, and pay reasonable amounts of their care.

Health Programs Are Nearly Always Worth The Cost

Studies have shown that companies can get an average return on investment of 3 to 1 when they sign up for health and wellness programs. What is it that makes them a good financial gain? Perhaps it’s because these programs are easy to implement and manage because they don’t have to just be managed from the top down. Responsibilities can be shared and delegated among different departments, and there are so many different kinds of programs made by different wellness firms that you can nearly always find one that fits the identity of your company.

Employees Will Love Having Various Choices Available

Sometimes employees simply neglect certain healthy foods or a few breaks during the day when they could get exercise because they are in a rush to get back to work and just grab the nearest food items available. If you go out of your way to have healthy foods put in your vending machines, brought to the office during catering events, or emphasized out in the food courts or cafeterias employees tend to choose healthier options when they are given a choice. Add some supplement water to the vending machines. Be proactive in helping your employees become healthier. 

You definitely should encourage them to visit your company gym at least once a day, but even if you don’t have one you can do a lot by just making sure they walk around during break time, send out healthy meal suggestions and making sure they schedule time for paid vacation during the year. These simple habits can make a tremendous difference in your employees’ health and performance. There are many benefits to losing weight and making healthy choices, including a longer lifespan, less risk of developing chronic illnesses, and overall better quality of life. 

The bottom line is your employees’ health can be something they are willing to take care of if your company promotes healthy lifestyles. By doing so, you’re likely to have lower turnover rates and fewer employees feeling the need to take sick days. As a company leader, you too can be an example of healthy living for your corporate culture.

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