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We’re coming to the end of 2016. As the clock winds down on the year, now is the perfect time to look back over your personal and organizational results. Here are a few key questions for you:

  • How did you do on your Business Goals Scorecard this year over last year?
  • When was the last time you conducted an Operational Evaluation of your business?
  • Have you conducted a comprehensive evaluation of your personal Time Management lately?
  • Do your current Core Values still apply?
  • What is your Vision for the coming year?
  • If you have people who work for you/with you, have you done a temperature check with them in the last few months?

These questions  correspond to the Annual Goals Review process. Annual Goals Review is available both hard copy and in our web based LMS 2.0 system as well. Now is the time to complete a goals review for yourself and for your business.

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