A lot of businesses use online tools both to store data and keep their business running. Working online is beneficial, but it also puts you at risk for cyber attacks or hackers. To protect your data, all employees should follow certain practices. 

Change Passwords Frequently 

Passwords create a security wall that keeps people from accessing your data. However, if these passwords appear in a data leak or are too easy to guess, all your data can be accessed or lost. To improve cybersecurity, you and your employees should be changing your passwords frequently

Changing your passwords decreases your risk of being hacked. Cybersecurity professionals recommend changing your passwords at least every three months. Additionally, you should be smart about the password you use. Don’t use the same password for everything and make your passwords reasonably complex. 

Use Antivirus Software 

You need as much protection as possible when it comes to cybersecurity. Antivirus software can protect your data from cyber-attacks, malware, and viruses. Once your device has been hacked, your data can be stolen, encrypted, or even deleted. Antivirus software can prevent this from happening. It blocks hackers and viruses while also protecting all the files and data you have stored on your device. 

All employees need to have this software on their devices. Remote employees should use cybersecurity software to prevent malware and other threats. Since remote employees only work via their devices, it is especially important for them to be protected. 

Use Secure Network Connections 

Whenever working online, all your employees must use secure internet connections. When accessing public WiFi, nothing is protecting you from hackers. Hackers can monitor all online traffic and gain access to anyone’s information. Using a secure network protects from this and therefore protects all the data related to your business. In your physical space, provide a secure connection for all employees. For remote workers, emphasize that they need to have a secure connection when doing anything related to their job. It is also effective to use data or a personal hotspot rather than public internet. 

Talk with your employees and inform them about the most efficient cybersecurity strategies they should be using. Discuss the risks of doing business online and make sure they understand why it’s important to use best practices. With increased cybersecurity, you can protect your business data as well as the data of your clients. 

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